AEGISMAX 95% White Goose Down Mummy Camping Sleeping Bag Cold Winter Ultralight Baffle Design Camping Splicing FP800 G1-G5


  • G1 L 400g Black
  • G1 L 400g Blue
  • G1 M 380g Black
  • G1 M 380g Blue
  • G2 L 700g Black
  • G2 L 700g Blue
  • G2 M 664g Black
  • G2 M 664g Blue
  • G3 L 1000g Black
  • G3 L 1000g Blue
  • G3 M 952g Black
  • G3 M 952g Blue
  • G4 L 1300g Black
  • G4 L 1300g Blue
  • G4 M 1236g Black
  • G4 M 1236g Blue
  • G5 L 1500g Black
  • G5 L 1500g Blue
  • G5 M 1426g Black
  • G5 M 1426g Blue


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